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mallet finger self treatment

Mallet Finger On Demand: A Simple Self Treatment Program

Learn how to manage your mallet finger injury right from start to finish with this easy to follow, self-paced instructional program.

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swan neck deformity

What is a Swan Neck Deformity?

A Mallet Finger Injury could actually be a Swan Neck Deformity. Learn what a Swan Neck Deformity is in this short animated video.

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Mallet finger strengthening

The Progressive Exercise Program

Surgery and splinting a mallet finger can leave your fingertip very stiff and weak. Jump right to our clinically proven, progressive exercise program where you will learn how to safely progress out of your splint, and start exercising. Learn how to use your hand again, worry free!

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"Thank you for doing this video. The exercises have been very helpful in regaining my mobility back."
"Thank you for taking the time to make something that is so helpful to so many of us who have hand/finger issues from surgery or an accident." 
"I didn't get much direction from my doctors after my finger injury as to what exercise to be doing, and I was freaking out until I found you. So helpful!"
"Your videos have been instrumental in helping me rehab my hand on my own. The sharing of your professional knowledge is very generous."
mallet finger self treatment

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