Can I Play Golf or Play Sports with a Mallet Finger?

According to, most people can still play sports with a finger in a splint. However, some sports are harder to play due to having a bulky splint on your finger. If you have to catch, grip a ball, or wear gloves, you may find it more difficult. You may also feel as if you are not playing at your optimal level. Which could leave you feeling frustrated.

Of course, you always want to ask your doctor before you participate in any sport or strenuous activity when you have an injury. The reason is because you are more likely to re injure yourself and potentially undo all the healing that has occurred. 

Since a mallet finger injury is a fairly minor injury then you may be able to play more low impact sports such as golf. But remember, you still have to splint your finger when you golf or play sports while your mallet finger is healing. 

Your doctor can tell you for sure when it is safe to play sports again without the splint. This typically won’t occur for at least 10-12 weeks.

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