Can I Play Golf or Play Sports with a Mallet Finger?

“Can I Play Golf or Play Sports with a Mallet Finger?” Already itching to get back to golf are ya!”.

I completely get where you’re coming from. Mallet finger interrupts your ability to use your hand.

It disrupts your game.

Wearing a splint on any finger will get in the way of holding a golf club, throwing a baseball ball, or rock climbing.

However, a splint on your finger probably won’t get in the way of kicking a soccer ball.

Just like it won’t get in the way, too much, if you are a swimmer. Although what if your splint falls off in the water…eeek!  You may have to start your splint wearing schedule all over.

As if that isn’t enough to sink your spirits.

I’m sure by now you’ve spent more time away from your favorite sport than you’d like.

So the CORRECT answer if you can play golf or play sports with a mallet finger injury is…

You need to ask your doctor.

Hear me out.

It’s an injury and your GOOD doctor will understand that you don’t want to give up your game.

However, who am I foolin’’?

Some doctors will just straight away say ‘no, no way, not gonna happen’ without talking about options.

But you likely want to hear ‘YES, go out there and play until your hearts content.’

If your doctor talks like that, he/she’s a keeper.

Nonetheless, the reason why you should bring this up to your doctor is because every sport is different.

Let’s go into a bit more detail.

If you have to catch, dribble, grip a ball, or wear gloves, you will have difficulty with a splint on your finger.

First, you’ll have a hard time feeling the ball, let alone catching the ball without hitting your injured mallet finger. If you wear gloves, you’ll have to be very careful removing gloves without pulling off your splint. Yikes.

Plain and simple, you may feel as if you are not performing at your optimal level.

Which is frustrating to say the least.

Plus, the last thing you want is to get reinjured or add more time to an already lengthy healing process.

I’m sure you know the demand on your hand is varied greatly from sport to sport. We haven’t even mentioned how playing can be greatly complicated by whichever finger sustained the mallet injury.

For example, if you have a Ring finger mallet finger injury, you may find you can still throw a baseball. On the other hand, you may notice your grasp is very weak when trying to grip a racket or a golf club.

But there is good news for some of you.

According to the, most people can still play sports with your finger in a splint.

Safely of course. 

So I’ll leave you with a few tips if you are going to play golf or play sports with a mallet finger…

Make sure your splint will NOT fall off.

-Do NOT grip your club or racket forcefully. This could cause your fingertip to flex in your splint.

-Make sure your fingertip is VERY straight, if not slightly hyperextended (for tendinous mallets) in your splint. More on this here.

-Use common sense. After weeks of this crap, you’ll be done. No need to do anything you’ll regret and add more splint wearing time.

Unless you like using your mallet finger as an excuse for your bad golf game.

No judgment.

It’s important to mention, your doctor will tell you when it’s safe to play sports again without your splint.

Don’t be alarmed if you hear 10-12 weeks.

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