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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, it is very important to see your doctor before starting any self treatment program. In general, Mallet Finger On Demand can be started at anytime throughout your recovery process. However, Module 3 should only be completed once full healing has occurred.

The program is broken down into an introduction video, 3 self-paced video modules, and easy to follow digital handouts with written instructions.

This program is tailored to individuals whom have not had surgery. However, when healed you may benefit from the Module 3 video which details weaning from your splint and beginning a safe progression of exercises. If this is the case, Mallet Finger on Demand may be offered to you at a reduced rate. As always check with your doctor before starting this program. Please call with questions and tell us where you are in your recovery process. 

Each of the video modules will focus on the different phases of your recovery process. First, video 1 and 2 are to be viewed from week 0, or the start of your injury, up to week 6 or 8. Depending on the type of mallet finger you have. Of course, we think you would benefit the most if video 1 and 2 are viewed at the start of your recovery to achieve the most optimal outcome. 

Video 1 is largely education based, which will assist you in understanding your mallet finger injury. Whereas, video 2 will explain and demonstrate what you can do while you wait for full healing to occur. 

Lastly, module 3 will review over what exercises to begin and how to slowly wean out of your splint once you are fully healed.

No. This program is not a replacement for seeking medical advice. More importantly, it is better used in conjunction with your doctor, and physical or occupational therapist. 

It is intended to help provide additional demonstration and instruction which is often greatly needed due to limited time spent with your doctor or therapist. Always consult your doctor before starting any part of this program. See our medical disclaimer.

The total instructional program is a little over 60 minutes in length.  However, the program can be used from week 0 of your injury to 12 weeks total.

The general rule for the initial phase of healing is 6-8 weeks with an additional 6-7 weeks of progressive exercises and recommended removal schedule of the splint. Keep in mind, self treatment of a mallet finger varies person to person, and is determined by your doctor or a qualified licensed certified hand therapist.

It is not necessary however, there is a list of materials used in the video that you may find beneficial throughout your recovery. Likewise, alternative recommendations are given.  You can view the materials list prior to purchasing the program. 

Keep in mind these are affiliate items and therefore, we make a small commission so we can continue providing assistance through this site.

Yes, our self treatment program is very mobile friendly. However, the downloadable documents are in PDF format therefore you will want to download those files to your computer and then share to your other devices.

The file will be in a MP4 which plays in a continuous stream.

You can contact or with any questions or concerns you may have.  Mallet Finger On Demand is a Virtual Hand Care self treatment video program. Our representatives are certainly happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Mallet Finger On Demand focuses on recovery from week 0- week 12. This program is most beneficial for those that have not had any surgery and they are conservatively treating their mallet finger with a splint only, followed with progressive exercises.  

The After Mallet Finger Surgery program is just that- it is used once you can start moving after your surgery according to your doctors orders.  The After Mallet Finger Surgery will have access to the most important progressive exercises, strengthening, and stretching videos without all the additional videos in our main program that do not pertain to you due to surgery.

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