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Due to high demand, we have made phase 3 of our Mallet Finger Self Treatment video program available to you at a discounted rate

This program jumps right to our safe exercise progression and splint weaning formula to put your mind at ease. We realized many of you had surgery for your mallet finger, or have already been through 8+ weeks of splinting, but you are concerned about how to progress your motion and function safely. Searching the internet trying to figure out what to do once you are cleared by your doctor, has left you more confused. 

You are here because you have had surgery, OR you did not have surgery but you are 8+ weeks out from healing and are ready to start movement and strengthening however, you are not sure how. You did not get good instructions on what to do next and want to make sure you do not overdo it too quickly. You are also afraid because you just spent 8, maybe 10+ weeks or more not moving your finger. Making sure you do the right exercises at the right time is of utmost importance for you.

Keep in mind you will not have access to Phase 1 and Phase 2 videos because those are for week 0-8 of your mallet finger journey. And if you are past that then you can jump right into our Phase 3: Progressive Exercise Program.  

With this program, you will get access to:

*Bonus Included*

You'll get a FREE 1 on 1 coaching phone call with our Hand Expert to help guide you through the program. (A $200 value!) Schedule at any time.