Safe and Simple Exercises For Your Mallet Finger Injury

In order to give you the right exercises for your mallet finger injury then first we need to know where you are at in your healing journey.  The reason for this is because if you start exercises too quickly you may undo all the healing that has occurred in your finger. This will make your finger droop.  

If you have been wearing your splint for less than 6 weeks then typically, you can not start any exercises to the tip of your finger.  So if you have not been wearing your splint for 24/7, that means all day and all night WITHOUT taking the splint off then just stop reading now.  You shouldn’t do any exercises because you will start noticing your finger going right back into a mallet finger. If not right away, then it will slowly happen over the course of a week. 

On the other hand, if you are 6 weeks or more and have been cleared by your doctor, then you can begin a series of gentle progression exercises.  Normally, specific exercises to the tip of your finger are not introduced until several weeks after you have started coming out of your splint. 

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