What if My Mallet Finger Never Heals?

Occasionally, even if you follow the direction of your doctor, therapist, and this program, there is a chance you may still end up with a droopy finger. It is not uncommon to have around a 10 degree extensor lag, also known as a droop, to the tip of  your finger. That is just the nature of this annoying little injury.  Fortunately, a 10 degree lag is not enough to affect your hand function.

Now if you have a larger lag- just like when you first injured your finger- then there is a chance you may need surgery. Sometimes a swan neck deformity is misdiagnosed as a mallet finger injury.  

More importantly, a swan neck deformity requires a completely different type of treatment that only a Hand surgeon or Certified Hand Therapist are familiar with. Watch our video here to learn more about swan neck deformities.

Don't try to treat Mallet Finger on your own...

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